Check-in Center, Camping, Commercial Vendor Space, Concession Permits, & Stalls


Check-In Center
The Red Top Log Cabin at the entrance to Maury County Park will be used as a Check-in Center for exhibitors, concessionaires and people bringing equipment that need assistance.
Our visitors that know where they are going, have the correct paperwork, etc. need not stop at the cabin. The cabin will be open through Friday evening.
The Information Center within the park will still be open and is there to assist everyone with general information, official Mule Day pins, bumper stickers, etc.

Commercial Vendors
Limited vendor space is available at Maury County Park. Booth sizes range from 10′ to 35′ frontage and 10′ to 20′ in depth, depending on the location. Vendors with big rigs are encouraged to set-up starting Tuesday afternoon or all day on Wednesday, but everyone must be operational by 10AM on Thursday. Corporate Sponsors & equine related vendors will receive priority for new vendors.

Process For Vendor Registration
Vendors that had a booth at Mule Day 2019, will receive their applications during early January 2020, along with other information, including insurance requirements for Mule Day 2020. Payment with completed application must be received in our office by February 15th or the space will be given to other vendors that have applied. New vendors may start calling during January, and will be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available. Contact us via email at: [email protected]

Limited camping is allowed in the Park. Spaces must be reserved by advance payment received by February 15th. First time campers should call ASAP in January to be placed on a waiting list. Rates: $120.00 with electricity and $60.00 without electricity. All campers are required to have a gate pass. No bus transportation to parade from Park is available. All reservations should be made through the Mule Day Office. No alcoholic beverages allowed in camping or Park area. No horse stock will be allowed in electric camping area. Original Proof of Negative Coggins Test Required for all animals entering the park. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Your campsite must be cleaned up before you leave.

Limited stall space is available for $50 per stall (only 2 animals per stall, except miniature mules & donkeys that are separated by panels inside stalls). Reservations from last year’s stall renters must be accompanied by advance payment which must be received by February 15th or stalls will no longer be held. First time stall renters should call ASAP in January to be placed on a waiting list. After February 15th, first time stall renters on the waiting list will be notified of stall availability. Stall renters receive one vehicle pass – a vehicle pass per each stall rented will no longer be issued. No jacks in portable stalls. No horse stallions allowed anywhere in Maury County Park on Mule Day weekend.
NOTE: The show barns (covered barns) will only be rented to persons having mules, Jacks or Jennies. Horses will not be allowed in show barns except those that have been grand-fathered in. Persons wishing to get stalls for horses will be allowed to use outside stalls.

Riding After Dark
The Mule Day Committee strongly advises that when riding after dark (in or outside the park) please have something reflective on yourself, your horse and/or wagon and cart. This rule is for safety reasons.

No Golf Carts or ATV’S are allowed inside “the fenced-in area” at Maury County Park, except for those that have a “handicapped sticker” or Mule Day Officials. All operators must have a current drivers license.